Sarah Birabawa – Kampala, Uganda


Sarah Birabawa grows passion fruit and pineapples in her farm. She is widowed and looks after children alone. She has 2 children, both of whom go to school because of Opportunity International’s school fee loan. Sarah has been with Opportunity since 2013 and is on her fourth business loan cycle. The loan also enabled her to expand her business and overcome the challenge of drought and weather patterns. Thanks to the growth in her farm she was able to buy a cow; she can now get 4 litres of milk, which she then sells. Sarah can also sell the calves for profit. Opportunity has enabled her to increase diversify her income. She works by herself – all on her own. In the day she grows food to eat and sell, and in the evening she does her business. She now aspires to get a new plot of land in town and build. Sarah is also a part of the Kanywa Nucafe trust group in Masaka (south-west of Kampala).

“I can pay school fees for my children, before it was a struggle. I used to take out a School Fee Loan but now I can pay the fees out of my own profit.”

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