Saleha – Buxar, India


Saleha and her husband Mujib come from a remote village in Bihar – India’s most underdeveloped state. Having grown up in poverty themselves, they were determined to offer their children opportunities that they never had. They got a loan from Opportunity Internatioanl to buy tools and supplies and start their own small construction business. Saleha and Mujib have now grown their business and employ seven other people from their community, providing their families with a stable income and an opportunity to transform their futures, too.

With her own income, Saleha has been able to provide her children with stable education, nutritious meals and clean water for drinking. Saleha has even trained to become a health leader in her community, teaching her village about illness prevention, health treatment and nutrition. So far, she’s taught local families about proper sanitation and helped 15 of them invest in a toilet. She even established a number of health savings groups, enabling 80 families to come together to pool funds in case of emergencies.

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