Robinah – Kampala, Uganda


Robinah works in Ggaba market and has six children. Two years ago, after the father of her children left them, she started a retail shop business with a loan from Opportunity International. Out of her six children, only the three youngest were studying because she couldn’t pay for all of their school fees. After creating her business and being able to pay for school fees, she is now happy. “You can see it in my eyes. My kids are studying, we are doing well, we are flourishing. I’m hopeful their dreams of what they want to be when they grow up are achievable now. Life is finally stable.”

“Other kids that can’t go to school spend their days mopping the house, sweeping the compound and washing utensils. As for me, I’m going to school but it wasn’t always this easy. My Mum used to not be able to afford to send us sometimes or to provide things like paper, shoes, stockings, uniforms or toilet paper items we needed and that would make me feel embarrassed. Now she can and I can stay in school.”  – Deborah, Robina’s daughter, 12

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