Justine Nassali – Uganda


Justine lives in Kampala, Uganda and is the single mother of eleven children. Justine’s family was extended when she took her sister’s three children under her care, after she had passed away due to an AIDS-related illness. It was incredibly hard for her to adequately provide for all of them without a steady income, so Justine reached out to Opportunity Uganda to receive help.

The loan Justine received enabled her to transform her back yard into a multi-purpose farm including 40 pigs, a flock of chicken and a retail shop managed by one of her sons.  Through Opportunity International’s Education Finance Program, Justine provided her children with supplies, textbooks and uniforms and was able to pay their schooling tuition. Even if her business earning falter, her children’s education will not be interrupted, since she also joined Opportunity’s EduSave plan.

Justine has set an inspirational example for her children, showing them how there are endless possibilities available to them. She is now a successful entrepreneur, treasurer of her Trust Group and a valued member of her community.


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