Mukamuhizi Alphosina – Rwanda


Mukamuhizi lives in Rwanda with her husband and her two children. She owns and manages a small business together with her husband, growing and selling beans, corn and wheat in the market. Her family struggled to get by and provide a stable future for their children. Mukamuhizi got a loan from Opportunity International. This increased her crop yield and income to a large extent, enabling her to send her children to school as well as build a house in which her family lives in today. Additionally, she was able to buy three goats, which she will later use to invest in an animal farm. Mukamuhizi now is a positive role model for other women in her community and feels like her family can now hope for a better future.

“I am able to buy nice cloth for my children and for myself without depending on my husband. I have been able to advise other women in my community to join too so that they can improve their lives and families as well. So far five women that are my neighbors have joined Opportunity International due to my encouragement.” 

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