Microfinance is a type of banking service that is provided to individuals who would otherwise have no other access to financial services. The goal of micro-finance is to offer people in developing countries the chance to become self-sufficient by providing saving, borrowing and insurance services.


We believe microfinancing to be a sustainable means of self-sufficiency and poverty alleviation leading to the enduring transformation and development of communities.

Lending money to women has proven exceptionally effective and successful, with an amazing repayment rate of 98.9%. This is because women re-invest in their families, improve nutrition and health care, educate their children and build businesses that fuel the economy of their community.

A microfinance loan has a powerful impact; it’s a limitless donation that lasts for infinity because once the loan is repaid; the funds can be recycled for another loan—setting a virtuous cycle in motion.


10% of the profits of each Órama bracelet are donated to micro-financing institution Opportunity International. Our partner organization provides microloans to disadvantaged women all over the world, thus enabling them to build businesses, prosperous livelihoods and earn a steady income for their families.

What is unique about Opportunity International is its holistic approach to women’s empowerment. The micro-loans your Órama bracelet help fund are coupled with an entire system of support, guidance, training and accountability delivered by Opportunity to optimize the impact of micro-finance.


By purchasing an Órama bracelet you fund a microloan and help catalyze the entrepreneurial visions of women around the globe. Your bracelet can enable a woman to purchase vital capital equipment (tools and materials) to set up an income-generating business and/or grow a small business.

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