Comfort Appiah – Ghana


Comfort is a School Proprietor whose dream was to help children in her neighbourhood access quality education, so in 1998 she started a small nursery in her home.  It was a difficult start; many children would not come back at all the next day. In 2009, Comfort approached Opportunity for a school proprietor loan that would provide capital to purchase a building and expand the school. A second loan she took enabled her to expand and build a two-floor classroom block. Comfort is now on her third loan cycle to use for expanding to provide secondary school education.  

Today, her school accommodates 700 students from pre-school to Junior High providing quality education previously unavailable in their neighborhood. Comfort also provides employment to 38 staff. 

The school has also had a great impact within the whole community; businesses and market stalls have been set up around the school, for example supermarkets and mall businesses providing learning materials and school uniforms.

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