Caroline Musoke – Kampala, Uganda


Caroline has owned her own market stall for 10 years, selling vegetables. She has 2 children and 4 grandchildren that she looks after. In 2014, a fire in the market resulted in Caroline losing her stock and having to start over again. She joined Opportunity International to help her rebuild her stall and stabilize her finances. After a couple of years, Caroline was able to buy the stall rather than rent it. The loan from Opportunity also enabled her to pay for her grandchildren’s school fees and clothe and feed her family, which previously used to be a struggle. She is now proud of her business and her grandchildren getting a good education. Without Opportunity’s help she wouldn’t have been able to send them all to school. Caroline is now also a part of the ‘Ggaba Trust Group’ which is made of small business holders and market traders in Ggaba. The group provides support and community engagement; the members help each other through hard times “It’s like a wider family.” She has great dreams and hopes for the children and is thankfully to Opportunity International for giving her hope and giving them a future. She hopes to buy land and build her own house in the future.


“My husband is in the village because he has no work. I am here to stand for my grandchildren. Eight years ago I took out a loan for my fruit and vegetable stand. A few years later we had a large fire in the market that burnt the stalls. All the things were spoilt and we were left with nothing. Opportunity helped me rebuilt and now I own the stall, I no longer just rent it. 

Recently, I took out a loan for school fees so my grandchildren can go to school. Before that I used to have to beg and borrow from different people for school fees. Without the loan, I’d have to choose which child could go to school. I don’t want to leave them like that. I have to fulfil my duties since I am still living. I want to see my grandchildren finish university. Then, when they graduate, they’ll be able to find good jobs like nursing and teaching and sustain me!”

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