Beatrice Sarkodie – Ghana


Beatrice – or better referred to as Madame Beatrice- recognized the need for education in her local community. Many children in Ghana do not have access to state schooling and the lack of sanitation hinders those who do from attending, thus deterring them from developing their knowledge and skills. This is often how young girls become trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Madame Beatrice started a local community school – the Emmanuel School – to provide low-cost quality education to children in her community. With a loan, from Opportunity International, she was able to provide toilets and a well to get clean water so that her students’ health would improve. Prior to that, students would have to go outside the school to fetch water or even dropped out due to illness. Beatrice and Opportunity International’s support and training, had a life-changing impact, giving hope to students and enabling them to stay in school longer and gain the qualifications they need to get successful jobs and a way out of poverty. Many girls were inspired by Beatrice, who taught them that women can be independent and achieve their dreams, as long as they have a vision.


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