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    Mukamuhizi Alphosina – Rwanda

    Mukamuhizi got a loan from Opportunity International. This increased her crop yield and income to a large extent, enabling her to send her children to school as well as build a house in which her family lives in today. Additionally, she was able to buy three goats, which she will later use to invest in an animal farm.

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    Mary Makkazi – Uganda

    Mary Makkazi is a single mother of five children, living in Uganda. She owns a maize farm, on which she works hard to provide for her own family, as well as her sisters family.

  • justine-nassali

    Justine Nassali – Uganda

    The loan Justine received enabled her to transform her back yard into a multi-purpose farm including 40 pigs, a flock of chicken and a retail shop managed by one of her sons. Through Opportunity International’s Education Finance Program, Justine provided her children with supplies, textbooks and uniforms and was able to pay their schooling tuition.

  • chantal-mukamama_thumb

    Chantal Mukamama – Kigali, Rwanda

    Chantal lives in Kigali, Rwanda with her six children and owns a store selling wheelbarrows, fencing, tar and other hardware. She used to only sell small products, thus her income was very low and she could not afford to save and grow her stock. It was a struggle for her to provide for her family and she did not possess the knowledge to grow…


    Joanna Benyin – Ghana

    When Joanna moved to her local community in Ghana she noticed that most of the children stayed at home as their parents could not afford school tuition. She realized there was a real need for schooling, as the rate of illiteracy was very high.


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